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“With a wide range of inventory at the factory, it is difficult to manage them, ascertain costs and expenses manually.”

About shubham_polyspin

Shubham group is a textile fabric manufacturing company. They deal in a wide range of products and have been in business since 2012. Intending to produce world-class fabrics, SPL deals in

- High-Quality Polypropylene Yarn

- PP Webbings

- Narrow Yarn

- Twisted Yarn

- Multifilament Yarn

- Bag Closing Threads

And many more, Over the period of 8 years, Shubham Polyspin Limited has become a much-sought-after company in the yarn industry and is a renowned brand worldwide. They have a turnover of around Rs 100 crore. Shubham Polyspin, a textile fabric manufacturing company, has to manage their raw material & purchase to ascertain the costing & manage expenses accordingly.

The challenge

As a manufacturer, they were facing a severe issue in managing their raw material. They follow Stock In and Stock Out entry procedure, but when it comes to ascertaining the costing, it was a mess. Shubham Polyspin was looking for software through which:

● They can assign a code to their raw material, generate job orders, notify the production department, and check the cost all in one place.

● They can segregate materials (Raw, Semi-Finished, and Finished) size-wise and consumption-wise to analyze their income & expenses.

● They can also find the missing records of orders procured according to design.

Shubham Polyspin shared their problems with Zenscale & discussed ways to automate the entire process and make it a “One-Click” procedure. They expressed that they want a system that can segregate their products according to attributes, and they can check the quantity, price, and usage in one window only.

"As a manufacturer, we faced severe issues in managing the raw material. We follow Stock In and Stock Out entry procedure, but when it comes to ascertaining the costing, it was a mess" shubham_polyspin

Approach Followed

Zenscale followed its standard procedure and conducted an in-depth demonstration with Shubham Polyspin. Understanding their issue, Zenscale offered a process flowchart to the company and assigned a training executive for complete training on the purchase and consumption & then proper implementation of the software. The training executive configured the software according to the code they have assigned to their raw material. We completed their requirement in a simple workflow, including masters like Purchase order, Gate-in, Store Receiving, and Consumption. To implement the flow and train their team, our training executive gave a demo explaining the process flow chart with similar transactions & reports. We trained the team in 3 sessions of 1 hour each to run the software efficiently & automate their production.


Shubham Polyspin wanted immediate & swift implementation of software in the company to improve its processes. Zenscale completed the work in 3 hours and automated the entire inventory & production planning. After training the employees, the manual working model was eliminated & their capacity to take up bulk orders increased. With automation, they saw clarity in their backend operations. Their team immediately understood the software and is now working on it without compromising other essential business plans. They were delighted & satisfied with the training team’s professionalism, grip on work, speed, and knowledge..