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“With Many Employees working at different locations, it is a challenge to manage their attendance. We cannot check if the employee is marking attendance from the designated place or not.”

About Unique Solutions

Unique Solution has carved its niche in the Marine, Military, and Electrical Industries. They single-handedly take up contracts from any Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) for marine, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and mechanical systems and ship parts pan India. They are a team of 110 employees working together to provide quality goods & services to their clients. They have been in this business for 35 years and have a reputed name in the industry. They are capable of delivering exceptional results with a 0% failure policy under towering work pressure/ within stringent timelines/ challenging situations.

Their core competencies:

  • Fabrication works
  • Electrical cable laying works
  • Electrical connectorisation works
  • PCB manufacturing works
  • PCB repairs
  • NDT works

The challenge

Having 110 employees and managing their payrolls manually is a challenge in itself. Unique Solutions was facing trouble managing their salaries, ESI Challans, PFs, and many more compliances. They have a protocol in the company where the employees have to Punch-In and Punch-Out on the bio-metric machine every day.

Issues they were facing:

  • Employees working at multiple locations
  • Unable to check employee check-in and check-out working at a different location
  • Unable to track their work-time especially those in sales & marketing

With different rules & regulations, Unique Solutions needed a comprehensive system to manage their payrolls and create a system where they can centralize the attendance and have a record of employee’s attendance in one place.

Sharing their problem with Zenscale, the owner of Unique Solutions, expressed that he wants to automate the payrolls so that the team follows a particular system for attendance, their efficiency can increase & business can grow worldwide. He said that he wishes to implement a system where he can check employees’ attendance working in different areas as well.

"With different rules & regulations, we require a comprehensive system to manage payrolls and create a strategy to centralize the attendance and have a record of employee’s attendance in one place." Unique Solutions

Approach Followed

Zenscale, hearing the problem in detail, suggested a quick-fix to Unique Solution with their Payroll Management System. By automating their salaries, Payroll Management Software and App solved their issues once and for life. We devised a flowchart for the company through which the HR only has to fill in the details of employees and automate the rest of the processes. We offered cloud solutions that are typically accessed via desktop browser or mobile application, where software, data, configurations, and everything related to those are provided and managed by Zenscale.

We provided our secure server to the company, a security system, and training to their team so that they can automate their payrolls. Apart from systematically designing their workflow, we also offered various benefits & enabled certain features through the Payroll Mobile app to ease their work. Some of the major features include:

  • Geo-fencing on a mobile app: When an employee punch in, their location is recorded (tracked) and visible to administrators. Clocking-in can be limited to specific locations, such as your office or warehouse. For Example, An employee can Punch-in through a mobile app only within a 30m radius and can also upload a selfie to mark their presence for the day. This feature was enabled for the marketing/sales team of Unique Solution to track their activity.
  • Administrative Facilities: Employees can mark their attendance, apply for short leaves or holidays, and check time-in/time-out through the app. Even the employer can review the leaves and can accept/reject them through the app. Apart from the app, the employer can check work hours, vacation days, existing events, shifts, advances, incentives, taxes, and statutory compliances through the Payroll Software browser.


With the implementation of Payroll Management flow in Unique Solution, their workload minimized to half. As the entire HR process running on Auto-pilot mode, their HR and the accounts head are relieved from excessive workload. They can now calculate salaries within minutes and the chances of mistakes decreased to bits. Since the employee’s details are filled in the software beforehand and with bio-metric synced, every month salaries are calculated in a single click. Also, with the Geo-Fencing feature, the chances of misleading the employers lessened and efficiency at work increased. Unique Solutions experienced accuracy & precision in their system with less backend mess & more efficiency. They shared that now they focus more on expansion rather than being stuck with month-end woes & salary arguments with employees. The system automatically calculates payrolls every month & the employees can check them online through browser and app. This process is a time-saving, cost-saving, and energy-saving technique for the employer and employees.